Catalyst Race Series: The Spooky Catalyst

11:00- 4:00 PM

Join in the fun of the second installment in the Catalyst Race Series: The Spooky Catalyst, taking place on October 28, 2023.

Extra Information: Three levels of racing will be offered, with Experts doing 3 laps, Sports class doing 2 laps, and Beginners/Youth doing 1 lap. Each course will be between 8 and 10 miles per lap. The new TrailMix category will also be added which welcomes bikers of all ages and with all types of bikes to join in the fun! When the racers are finished, there will be a fun podium ceremony for the winners with lunch and ice-cold drinks available. We will recognize the top three male and female riders in each category. All attendees are invited to join in on the family-friendly Halloween themed activities including the costume contest as well, so dress to impress!

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Location: 1206 Touch of Nature RD. Makanda, Illinois

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